Getting Started with ACCESS XDMoD

ACCESS XDMoD is an instance of the open source Open XDMoD software that contains information about the usage and performance of ACCESS CI resources and hundreds of gigabytes of historical data on national CI usage going back to 2004.

ACCESS XDMoD has a tab-based user interface for navigation. It also has role-based permissions that control which tabs are shown and what data are accessible.

You can view public information in ACCESS XDMoD at any time. Sign in to view personalized data and be able to save charts and configure automatic reports. Sign in to ACCESS XDMoD by clicking on the "Sign In" link in the upper left corner. This will redirect you to authenticate with your ACCESS credentials.

The roles in ACCESS XDMoD are:

  • User
  • Principal Investigator
  • Campus Champion
  • Center Staff
  • Center Director
  • Program Manager
If you have not logged in to ACCESS XDMoD or XSEDE XDMoD before then you will automatically be given a default role based on your ACCESS or XSEDE allocations. The Principal Investigator role will be assigned if you are a PI on an ACCESS or XSEDE allocation otherwise you will get User role. If you previously used XSEDE XDMoD then your permission settings have been migrated to the ACCESS XDMoD instance.

If you are a campus champion, run a science gateway or resource provider staff please contact us to request enhanced permissions. You can also use the "Contact Us" button on the upper right of the ACCESS XDMoD.

For more detailed information about using ACCESS XDMoD see the ACCESS Knowledgebase