ACCESS XDMoD is a software utility that tracks usage and performance and quality of service of High Performance Computing and Cloud resources including compute, software and storage. It is supported by NSF and is intended to monitor the NSF ACCESS facilities. It contains a historical data base including many NSF-funded resources dating back as far as 2004.

What can ACCESS XDMoD do for me?

ACCESS XDMoD is role based and provides different services and reports for different stakeholders:

  • General Public can obtain general information about NSF-funded cyberinfrastructure usage without signing in, no XDMoD account is needed.
  • End Users can sign in to XDMoD to obtain information on the jobs that they have run. They can also view their job performance in the XDMoD job viewer to help improve job performance and efficiency.
  • Principal Investigators can use XDMoD to view all of the jobs that their group members have run and to help track their ACCESS allocations.
  • Center Director and center staff can use XDMoD to view usage, efficiency and throughput of their resources and write reports. They can also monitor quality of service using Application Kernels, a feature of XDMoD.
  • Program Managers have access to all of the XDMoD features, reports and data to help monitor usage and performance of NSF-funded resources.
If you have not logged in to ACCESS XDMoD or XSEDE XDMoD before then you will automatically be given a default role based on your ACCESS or XSEDE allocations. The Principal Investigator role will be assigned if you are a PI on an ACCESS or XSEDE allocation otherwise you will get User role. If you previously used XSEDE XDMoD then your permission settings have been migrated to the ACCESS XDMoD instance.

If you are a campus champion, run a science gateway or resource provider staff please contact us to request enhanced permissions. You can also use the "Contact Us" button on the upper right of the ACCESS XDMoD.

For more detailed information about using ACCESS XDMoD see the ACCESS Knowledgebase