ACCESS Monitoring and Measurement

ACCESS Monitoring and Measurement Service (MMS) is responsible for monitoring and measurement of the ACCESS Cyberinfrastructure (CI) facilities. It is sponsored by the National Science Foundation under award 2137603.

This service is an extension of the successful TAS and XMS programs which monitored the TeraGrid and XSEDE allocated resources. ACCESS MMS collects information on the ACCESS CI including compute, storage, networking and software/data services. The main utility for doing this is XDMoD.

ACCESS XDMoD provides reporting on ACCESS supported CI. This includes:

  • Allocations Information;
  • Compute Usage;
  • HPC Job Performance Data;
  • Science Gateway Usage;
  • Resource Quality of service data (via Application Kernels);
  • HPC Job Efficiency Analytics.
The ACCESS MMS team will expanding the reporting available in XDMoD. New reporting will includes:
  • Network Usage data;
  • Power Usage data;
  • Commercial and Non-Commercial Cloud Usage.

Open XDMoD

ACCESS MMS develops and supports the open source Open XDMoD software. Open XDMoD allows academic, and industrial data centers to monitor usage and performance of their local CI, and provides custom role-based reports to their various stakeholders.

See the Open XDMoD page for more information.